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Senior Grandmaster Simeone George Pesare
Founder of Kenpo/Kempo in New England

Dear IKCG Members and Kenpo/Kempo Practitioners,

With deep regret and sadness, we announce the passing of Senior Grandmaster S. George Pesare on October 14, 2012. We honor his life and memory as a Martial Arts Pioneer and the founder of Kenpo/Kempo Karate in New England. He will be greatly missed by those who loved him and shared in his art.

It is during times of grief, such as this that our strength must shine through. We do this by honoring the history and lineage Senior Grandmaster Pesare passed on to us through the establishment of the IKCG. We are his heritage and each other’s. It is our duty and privilege that we carry on. 

Grandmaster Steve Nugent 


If you would like to leave a thought, memory, or condolence in honor of Senior Grandmaster S. George Pesare, please click here:


Check back here for information on the 2024 IKCG annual Symposium.

The International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters presents an event like no other!

Kenpo stylists from all over the east coast come together to train, compete, dine, and test for rank.

Promotions from the most legitimate Grandmasters in the world today PLUS a kids’ tournament that is changing the sport. Previous years' tournaments included pony rides, a bounce house, and free bike raffles for the kids!

The parents of your younger students will thank you for bringing them!

For updated information on the IKCG Tournament and Banquet please click on this link for the IKCG Website. From there, send us a message with your full name, email address, home mailing address, and/or karate school.



The International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters (IKCG)
is an organization headed by Senior Grandmaster S. George Pesare.

Its main objective is to preserve the 'integrity' of Kenpo/Kempo Karate
and continue the 'legitimate' lines of rank and heritage left us.

All Kenpo/Kempo schools are welcome to apply.

G.I. Joe


Grandmaster Nancy Lee Cerio - Promotion to 10th Degree

June 2, 2012
Sr. Grandmaster S. George Pesare, Grandmaster Nancy Cerio,
and (kneeling, right) Grandmaster Donna Vinbury (10th Degree BB and first woman in New England to be promoted to 10th Degree)

SGM S. George Pesare's Students

GM Steve Nugent, Steve Lombardi, Kurt Parisi

Raymond Moulton, Victorio Mongomery

Michael Mullen, Milton Bennings

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Senior Grandmaster S. George Pesare at
Grandmaster Steve Nugent's 14th Annual Bay State Invitational
Sunday, June 12, 2011
Watch Sr. GM Pesare meet and greet all the child competitors (click here)

Grandmasters Steve Nugent, Donald Rodriguez, and Herb Paquette (Heir)
Promoted to 10th Degree Black Belt
by the Founder of Kenpo/Kempo Karate in New England,
S. George Pesare

Watch a short segment of the Promotion Ceremony here.
July 17, 2010

S. George Pesare, president, RI Police Pistol Combat League

Il Capo Duty Gun Match

"No one can stop bullets.
If you think you can, you are a fool."

Marc Ayotte, Herb Paquette (Heir), S.G. Pesare (Founder),
Donna Vinbury, Vincent Pezzi

(7) and (7)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dangerous People

Paul Jeter, David Wigal, Sean Phinney, Kevan Maddy
GM Roger C. Carpenter's Wichita, Kansas Crew

A. Barboza, GM M. Ayotte, R. Moulton, M. Bennings
Rhode Island Crew

~ A very special birthday celebration for a very special man ~

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Happy 70th Birthday S. George Pesare!
February 21, 2009
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Happy 73rd Birthday S. George Pesare!
February 18, 2012

"In changing, we find a purpose."

DVD for Sale
History of Kempo Karate in New England produced by Senior Grandmaster Pesare.
This DVD depicts
Nick Cerio as a white belt and the first no-holes-barred,
bare knuckle fight
Roger C. Carpenter
and Jon B'Alee , in Wichita, KS.
To order, please contact SG Pesare directly at

snugent333@aol.com or call 781-270-9099.
Cost: $50 plus $5 s/h

If you don't find what you're looking for here, please refer to http://simeonegpesare.tripod.com/

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